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Year 2017 has been the Warmest Year, World Climate Experts

Written by Z.A

The World Meteorological Organization (WHO MoD) has once again warned that 2017 could be the warmest one in human history.

After reviewing data related to temperature in January from around the world and February figures WMD’s and the experts that if the poles (poles) temperature is much higher than the long term average of the two months. even as the US is much less cooling than normal in January and February.

Australia is in the southern half of the January and February in the summer, there are still two months to prove very hot. In 2017, traces of which can be heated more than the last 130 years, experts fear that in the light of all these data have been highlighted in the January and February.

It should be noted that the increasing human activities that harm the groundwater environment, including forests and trees to excessive harvesting, the air is out steadily and control emissions of summer gases in water pollution, etc. which cause global has also accelerated the process of climate change (climate change), the main effect is reflected in the increase in ground temperature.

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