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Turkey Chocolate Festival Donald Trump’s popular Chocolate Sculpture

Written by Z.A

Chocolate, Cream Chocolate Festival every year in Turkey, are offered masterpiece made sweets and ice cream but this time has developed a unique chocolate cake and ice.There is a statue of US President Donald Trump.

It is a chocolate sculpture of the body which has developed the trump maker Tooba woman  Turkey Statue hard two days. It can be eaten everything which has been prepared with chocolate, cream and ice cream even trump tie is made from chocolate.

Tooba amazing and specializes in making sculptures closer to reality. They made sculptures are placed in the Istanbul Military Museum, including John Lennon, Nelson Mandela and German Chancellor Angela Merkel idol.

Tooba says he was most troubled by a finger while he was on his arm, in which the statue Angela Merkel. The Tooba to complete the details are about three weeks. The media are full of advertising trump his new work.
Merkel had presented their creative works in the exhibition held in Germany last year.

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