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System to Destroy it Immediately in Case of Mobile Phone Snatching

Written by Z.A

Saudi engineers have developed a security system in case of theft of mobile phones that can destroy in 10 seconds on a mobile phone stolen.

Power King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia (A US T) engineers have made the security system. According to a report published in IEEE Spectrum magazine called The aim is to avoid falling into the wrong hands, sensitive phone. It will emphasize the flexible and spread a thin layer of silicon and silicon polymer in a small system is laid on top of the polymer. Thus it is spread apart.

Polymer battery device is stolen electricity. The first stage is created through electrical temperature of 80 degrees centigrade which causes the polymer to expand. The battery in the remote control mode is 7 times the flowers burst of energy and is stored in a location for it. Experts want to use this technology and intelligence agencies that they defend from wrong your precious laptops, tablets and phones hands.

In this system, only 10 to 15 seconds to reach 500 to 600 mm temperature electrode, which have been generating electricity for the former Books are spread over the whole system crashes. However, the self-destruction process on 300 mm Watts looks interval of one minute.

The price of the whole system would be more than $ 15. According to scientists, this system has been developed especially for soldiers, intelligence officers, bank officers and security experts.

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