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Switzerland’s Looted Ready to Provide Information Wealth of Pakistan

Written by Z.A

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said that the looted Switzerland has agreed to provide Pakistan a wealth of information.

Finance Minister 2013 to inform the House that the double tax treaty exchange of information relating to Pakistan amounts in Swiss banks during the 2005 Pakistan Switzerland but were swinging in the agreement which is to reassess the of course we had contacted the Swiss government.

The Minister of Finance that the Swiss government had to request the review of the agreement pro was filled, he said that Switzerland had offered 4 conditions including giving the highly favored Pakistan has refused to accept the four conditions was. Ishaq Dar said the National Assembly informed that we have the same OECD multi taxes the Swiss government, the efforts are stepped to wrote this week newsletter that he review of the agreement on Pakistan conditions and sister ready for two or three more dates including March 21 the Swiss government to sign the agreement in May.

The government has decided to notify this Assembly and we want to be signed as soon as possible on the deal because the ahead budget So we want to be signed the agreement in March, Finance Minister said . He said that under the new agreement will also find the information you need will be able to find information on accounts, Swiss banks after the agreement Pakistanis.

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