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The Solution of Terrorism Issue is to the Scholars, Prime Minister

Written by Z.A

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that clerical support to terrorists ideologies that terrorism can not be eliminated without the role of the clergy.

At Jamia Naeemia seminar in Lahore, the prime minister of the University Naeemia has always been a spiritual experience but was there were atrocities carried the company killed aurmfty Naeemi, religion is playing Bloodbath at the University Naeemia the from nothing, our mosques are aurkanqahyn peaceful, clerical help for terrorists ideas, when we go beyond the fatwa is not possible without an end to terrorism, religious character. He said that religious arguments are for terrorism  Education must be based on law.

In 2013 the government asked us if it was our view that the safety of life and property of the people is our first responsibility, they were gearing up for the establishment of power kramn prime minister said. Police and army youth against terrorism has a key role. The company is also one of the country’s security, he said mrakzbrbad the terrorists helped us, were severed his arm broken as Abu Lahab, terrorists will arrive soon logical conclusion of the regional is the business of hatred upon the name of the province .


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