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Sialkot Girl Killed by a Boy Become Friends on Facebook

Written by Z.A

When on duty reportedly killed as the weapon girl called the boy to the house amount to befriend the young body found after 3 fields.

According to Express News, was friends with the resident female Naila Sialkot resident Sharon Facebook Gujranwala, Naila Sharon married to called home by showing dreams of going abroad and Sharon, however, went to her house to meet her 3 days Sharon was found dead in a field after being missing since the police launched an investigation into the takeover.

Police found the body of an unknown young farm boy’s parents had lodged a police report on the disappearance began on ¬†police station during the action.

Police said the girl was raided during the investigation Naila’s house, but found the boy’s clothes and other belongings from her house when her parents fled abroad, has been detained for further investigation.


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