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Prayer is Helpful to Avoid Waist Pain,US Study

Written by Z.A

A recent study revealed that prayer restrains not only back pain but are helpful in removing it.

This long study International Journal of Industrial systems were based on experts who considered framed digital models from computer healthy Asian and digital models of American men and women appeared in Engineering and showed pain in his lower back had gone.

The experts of these models movements to note what happened that suffer the bow patients with pain in the lower back and the pressure that prostrate condition is different from the one in the knee and hands are placed on the ground in a regular manner and proves that worship which is very effective for this condition angles.

The interesting thing is that adoration and prayer movements are below standards established by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health IV (NI OS H) and back pain caused by those who have no damage.

The survey of US binghamton university bow that says Professor Mohammad kasauny, prostrate and forehead works like therapy in a way of keeping the earth and the pain of lower back that way too low ties.

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