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‘Pakistan Resolution’ was Originally Geography?

pakistan 1940
Written by Z.A

22 to March 24, 1940, he presented the Bengal chief minister Maulvi Fazal Haq in Lahore Minto Park, which offers a resolution was as follows.

” Declared the perceived very thought of meeting the opinion that it would be neither viable constitutional plan for the country and not acceptable for Muslims, unless it be based on the basic principles and essential regional response and should not be changed and that Muslims are the majority in terms of the number of such areas of northwestern and eastern parts of India. Termed as independent states, which will be adjacent unit independent. Be guaranteed their units religious minorities, cultural, economic, political, security, administrative and other rights and interests. ”

(Independent Bin Haider 11 pages and more voluminous book ‘History of All India Muslim League, derived from the Quaid from Sir)

They say in the resolution text ‘refers to the’ north-west Pakistan called area today and which was pointing east, that means Bangladesh in East Pakistan and called before 1971 today, or in Bengal the note include Assam are connected.
In fact, in 1947 there was no resolution of areas of ‘Pakistan’, because the resolution of the words’ for the regions’ Pakistan ‘in the 1947 like the north of India, western and eastern regions of an Example as fills.
The text of the resolution is telling the Muslims that were much bigger problem areas. Since the resolution did not specify the names of these Indian areas, so we can assume that these areas will be included in the Congress, BJP, Bihar, Madras, Delhi, Bombay, Hyderabad etc.

Resolution Lahore resolution or word of states in this Resolution that take most scholars and teachers only that questions of Pakistan, it is the ‘state’ in 1946, so instead of a state be restored to the same state or in less than a federation to recognize their lead. One also does not have the ability to talk on the status of ‘intellectual’, not knowledge itself low a student of history and politics of the subcontinent, but I think an ordinary citizen, and seek to instill that in my poor mind I am sure you are all right, but please note that the question repeatedly arises that a resolution of 1940 or the last four in June 46-1945ء India. The place was very clearly a matter for the Muslims than Pakistan in 1947 or a part of them. Now they say that even if we accept this Worn Congress in the circumstances, but I do not minimize the historical facts.
Finally understand why we see the date, sweet sweet hip hip? I do not see the point, that we are disliked personally? 23 March 1940 resolution tells us that if the issue is resolved, so Indian Muslims and Muslim-dominated areas are recognized as independent units, the situation is different. Perhaps States is tantamount to breaking the tamper-Indian federation that Muslim autonomous units would have attached such as notification of India, so do not hold any dishonesty. Lklam like Maulana Azad and other leaders also agreed Nava pleasure, which is why it will be the partition of India were opposed to Pakistan.

If this resolution is so good in the geography of Pakistan which the Congress and the All India English If help India Muslim League on the last 70 years … Probably!
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