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Neelam Munir Dance Anothe Video Viral on Social Media

Written by Z.A

The actress Neelam Munir while dances and has a viral video on social media that song sounds are seen dancing on ‘gendi baat’.

The song in the car last actress Neelam Munir was ‘Fish dancing on the subway’ video caused social media boom which had faced severe criticism and were also subjected to scorn from the fans, but now again actress dance video is going viral.

Film Neelam Munir ‘R Rajkumar I Mika Singh’s voice in the song’ GINDI BAT ‘is a dance video can be seen, which is increasingly viral on social media that the actress are dancing in the best way the viral video after the reaction has been mixed once again. Many people seeking cheap publicity that made some of the best dance videos on social media hailed their dance.

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