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Increasing Trend of Social Media Cause of Social Isolation in youth

Written by Z.A

A survey revealed that Facebook, a sense of Lotus grams and teens to use other social media platforms and stay away from young boys and girls in society becomes darker and they would turn away from society.

Pittsburgh says Dr. Brian  head of media research center at the university that it has a larger survey, which obtained data from the United States. In 1800 people from 19 to 32 years, including online question which was 20 minutes in 2014 and were given $ 15 for each survey. Half the women surveyed and 42% of African Americans were also included.

The poll Facebook, Twitter, Google + ratio, Instagram, Tumblr and red and the participants were asked about the use and sense of isolation. The survey found that youth is seen as more social media had felt so isolated herself from society, the use of social media and direct sense in isolation.

Those surveyed were not lost on the average daily 61-minute social media when that person doubled sense of isolationism than just those at the daily media 121 minutes a day for 30 minutes in the spent media and desire a.
But experts have been unable to find a sense of isolation that it increases the use of social media or social media youth from society. The factor which is causing the trend and did not include this aspect in the research questionnaire. However, when this trend was seen in young people 19 to 32 years that was not present in older people.

If these be off Compare your young teens to use of social media trend is moving away from society doubled.
According to experts, victims of social segregation and isolation from society to do more, to address the matter brought to its people.

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