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Growth of Cement Industry

Written by Z.A

For Pakistan’s cement industry’s growth, a lot of can depend upon however the economy performs and therefore the government responds.

The year 2015 was a busy one for Pakistan’s cement trade. Not solely did native demand for cement increase by twelve-tone music in one year, however four cement corporations (Attock, Cherat, metric weight unit Cement and Lucky Cement) declared their intention to extend production capability. once these plans reach fruition (probably within the next year or so), they’re going to effectively increase the general production of cement by seven.7 million tons – from this forty five million tons to fifty three million tons once a year.

The increase in demand and planned increase in production capability have several implications for the industry; but, to grasp them absolutely, it’s essential to step back and examine the dynamics of this sector.

However, within the last six years, the export market has contracted, in order that whereas the trade exported regarding ten.98 million tons (26% of its total production capacity) in 2008, the primary 5 months of FY a pair of015-16 saw this range drop to 2.56 million tons (a mere 5 % of total production capacity). This reduction in exports was because of 2 major factors.

One, prohibitively high nuisance tax and excise duties (both federal and provincial) create the value of Pakistani cement noncompetitive within the international market and 2, the evaporation of historically thriving export markets like the UAE and Republic of South Africa that have currently designed up their own cement production capacities and not need cement from Pakistan. In fact, South African makers recently visited the extent of persuading their government to impose anti-dumping duties on Pakistani corporations like Attock, Bestway, DG, and Lucky so as to guard their own interests.

The impact of lower exports has been particularly important on firms like Lucky Cement, that over the years has endowed in developing their own terminal at urban center port further as Associate in Nursing in-house export fleet. Amin Ganny, COO, Lucky Cement, puts a applied mathematics worth on this voice communication that “whereas the corporate wont to do four-hundredth native sales and hr exports in 2008, nowadays we tend to export regarding twenty fifth of our production whereas remainder of the cement we tend to turn out is sold regionally.”


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