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The First Blood test to Identify Autism Accuracy

Written by Z.A

Experts have been designed first of its kind blood test that can predict several years ago through bio-markers of autism.

It’s annoying as autism disease, which has been developing the blood test of its kind in the world can be detected several years ago. This test is important is that early diagnosis can be from 98% accuracy. These tests have identified several years ago as bio-markers (biological symbolic element) that can change attitudes and behavior in the future.

The New York  Polytechnic Institute Professor is the only test of its kind that can identify the accuracy of autism disease.

Autism’re not easy to identify and evaluate the doctor will evaluate several different fields. The experts of autism disease that affects btacky gradually slower metabolism of blood (asthaly). According to Professor folate in children with autism patient ¬†one-carbon metabolism or FOC’s turning this item can be found through blood tests.

Experts say that the initial assessment of the children’s nutritional needs change and can be tried in FOC’s turn to save them from the disease and help to discover the address of early autism earlier in children Coins will.
The Autism is a disease which occurs on very early age children learn to express, understand and speak. The children feel difficulty in learning.


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