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Most Effective Source of Fertilizers in Pakistan

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Fertilizers   in Pakistan

The sources of chemical offer in Islamic Republic of Pakistan square measure domestic production and imports. Those factory-made regionally embody carbamide, atomic number 20 nitrate (CAN) and ammonium ion sulfate (AS) as straight gas fertilizers. Single superphosphate is that the solely straight phosphate chemical and nitrophos is NP, a fancy chemical. All alternative fertilizers square measure foreign. Recently the assembly of SSP and AS has been stopped attributable to high value of production. These were excellent fertilizers and in future, farmers of Islamic Republic of Pakistan can haven’t any access to them.

1-Diammonium phosphate (DAP)

This chemical contains eighteen N and forty sixth P2O5 , it’s a pronto water soluble chemical and each nutrients during this supply ar in plant on the market kind. the fabric is brownness, granular and free flowing. It leaves acidic result in soil once nitrification of ammonium ion (NH4+). No hurtful impact on soil and crop has been reportable as a result of its use. However, its direct contact with seed and germinating seedlings ought to be avoided as ammonia might cause injury.

These fertilizers also are referred to as nitrate phosphates. In Pakistan, it’s referred to as nitrophos and contains twenty third and twenty third P2O5 . [*fr1] the N is in ammoniac kind and also the partner is in nitrate kind. The water solubility of phosphorus in 23-23-0 grade is generally quite seventy per cent.

2-Sulphate of potash(SOP)

SOP is obtainable as a white crystalline salt or in granular type and contains forty eight to fifty two K2O and eighteen of sulphur. it’s solule in water. In Asian country this can be the sole K fertiliser that is usually recommended for all crops however on a world scale its use is proscribed to bound crops that ar sensitive to chloride i.e. tobacco, potato, fruits and vegetables. it’s conjointly most popular in soils wherever chloride accumulation will be downside.

3-Single superphosphate (SSP)

SSP fertiliser was on the market in powder yet as in granular kind. Its color might be gray or brown and it contains sixteen to twenty P2O5. The phosphors during this fertiliser is instantly soluble. It additionally contains alittle quantity of free acid and sulphur. Its production has been stopped within the country as a result of high price.

This is a focused phosphorus fertiliser that contain forty sixth P2O5 and most of this phosphorus is in water soluble kind. TSP might be in powder yet as in granular kind however the sunshine gray coarse product has higher storage and handling properties and is free flowing.

4-Calcium Ammonium nitrate (CAN)

This plant food contains twenty sixth N, half it’s in ammoniac kind and [*fr1] in nitrate kind. Its granules and prills ar gray or brown in color and free flowing. the full plant food isn’t soluble in water as a result of metallic element however the atomic number 7 half is instantly soluble. By virtue of the metallic element during this plant food, it’s some neutral in its reaction once applied to soil.

5-Ammonium sulphate (AS)

Ammonium salt was one among the foremost necessary N-fertilizers however thanks to its low nutrient content and comparatively high producing value its production and Daud Khel has been stopped. It contains twenty first of N and pure gold of sulphur.

Ammonium salt may be a white crystalline salt however generally, it would have a gray, brown, red or yellow tint, that has no impact on its nutrient price. it’s soluble in water and element during this fertiliser is quickly accessible to crops. This fertiliser has associate acidifying impact, therefore, its continuous use is also advantageous on basic soils.


This is the foremost targeted solid straight gas chemical. Its prills or granules square measure white in color and free flowing. organic compound is quickly soluble in water. It contains forty six per cen N in organic compound (NH2) kind that is modified to ammonia (NH4+) within the soil. attributable to its high water solubility, it’s well matched to be used in resolution fertilizers or foliar sprays. organic compound although basic in initial reaction leaves behind a rather acidic result within the soil when nitrification.

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