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Dental Care to Keep Them Strong Simple Recipes

Written by Z.A

Tips to clean teeth and brushing teeth twice daily to keep healthy and floss are given the but some simple precautions you can take such a long time to keep your teeth.

The following are a few things according to the American Dental Association You can save your teeth over time.

Stay away from sweet things:

More sweet things, Avoid snacks and fast food, because they are present in sufficient quantities to weaken the teeth and destroy the components.

Avoid ice:

Avoid chewing or sucking ice because ice cooling and hardness can break your teeth together.

Do not gnash their teeth:

Avoid the upper and lower jaws with teeth grinding and rubbing each other not only because it can be a pain in the jaw and broken teeth.

Don’t use hard brush:

Do not brush teeth more strongly and intensity because this could damage both teeth and gums. It’s best to clean teeth with a soft toothbrush fiber art, but not much pressure on teeth and gums.

Do not gnash  nail:

Experts say that the nails do not bite because it can damage your jaws and teeth can uproot protective layer of the animal.

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