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42 Gigabits Per Second Speed of the Latest ‘Live-Fi Technology

Written by Z.A

Ayndhuun University of Technology in the Netherlands by 40 experts brought Fi gigabits has successfully test data transfer speed per second, which is 100 times faster than the fastest Wi-Fi.

WiFi radio waves are used for the connection of up to 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz Fi which is almost the same as a mobile phone. On the contrary, brought Fi, the light depending on the use of Wi-L to exclude certain light-Fi connections on CDs that although data can, but Wi speed of the transition than-fi is very slow.

Journal of Light Wave Technology and the Triple E Exploring (IEEE According to published reports in Explore) Netherlands ayndhuun University of Technology in Juan Oh and his colleagues have prepared and brought Fi technology new type of light instead of infrared rays (the contact infrared waves) while the speed is also very high as amazing.

Currently this technology is in its early stages and the speed of data transfer The biggest challenge is to make up for a much larger distances because the distance is suddenly very useful.

Despite all its strengths brought  Fi technology not only in an open area or in a closed room can transfer data across the light waves inside the walls. However, this can be done by installing separate light antennas in different rooms which of course Wi expensive than fi but may be in the coming years this technology is so mature and become less expensive commercial scale to replace Wi-Fi Coins.

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